The Totally True Adventures of Motherhood in Suburbia

December 9, 2006

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Still at home. I actually left the house today, and plan on going out tonight as well. There seems to be no point in sticking close to the house. I had a nice afternoon shopping with my Mom, brothers and sister and tonight Jay and I are going to our town’s Christmas parade and to meet some friends for drinks (everyone else) and coffee (me).


OB visit this morning December 7, 2006

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No progress. At all. I am tired and frustrated. My resistance to induction is being worn down. I keep telling myself I can’t be pregnant forever, it just feels that way. I am getting to the point of being willing to try almost anything to bring it on, walking, a glass of wine, mexican food, heck I am ALMOST even willing to try castor oil at this point! What is the craziest thing you’ve heard of to bring on labor? Anyone actually try any of these?


2007 tbr_challenge list December 6, 2006

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1. Things Fall Apart
2. Ender’s Game
3. Pride and Predjudice
4. Pretties
5. Specials
6. Ahab’s Wife
7. The Origin of Species
8. The Illiad
9. The Oddessy
10. The Principles of Psychology
11. As I Lay Dying
12. Hardcore Zen


Still Awaiting Savannah

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I am still hugely insanely pregnant. Today is my husband’s birthday, and honestly, we didn’t want them to have to SHARE a birthday- so I guess tomorrow will be fine. or next week. but no later than one week from today. We go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he will say it’s time to go, so both of us are going, the suitcase and carseat are in the car, everything else is ready. Just waiting for Savannah to be ready too.
Today I am baking a chocolate/chocolate cake for Jay and wrapping his presents. That is all I have planned. I am trying to savor the boredom, as I think I will not be bored again for years.