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Honesty July 31, 2007

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hmm, honesty is a hot topic between my husband and I these days. We are discussing the raising of our children and what morals should be kept, and what are overrated. My darling,sweet, kind and thoughtful husband is of the opinion that sharing is a value we teach our children, but don’t really mean. I cannot disagree more wholeheartedly. Do you think it has something to do with his being an only child? I believe that we tell kids to be honest, but again don’t really mean be honest, we mean be honest when it is easy or kind. I don’t really see anything wrong with this either. Perhaps we tell kids to be honest so we can catch them doing things we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Also, when the police say”it’ll go easier for you if you’re just honest”-don’t believe them;they have no authority on what’s going to happen to you! More dishonesty! What brings this up is recently a friend has been caught in a lie. Such a minor thing to lie about too, it wouldn’t have mattered or hurt any feelings if she had just told the truth, but she didn’t. Which just makes me question everything she says and does. Do I even really know her?So I guess honesty does have it’s good side.
(for those of you who are wondering, Jay & I are honest with each other, unless it’s unkind & then we’ll find a nice way to say it)