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Graduation Day August 13, 2007

Filed under: acts of kindness — scriptiasuburbium @ 3:04 pm

My friend Vince has graduated from college! He timed it to graduate exactly 30 years from his dad’s graduation from UM. He was on the 10 year plan as well, so he is especially excited, as he should be. I would very much like to commend him on his persistence and determination! We are all very proud of you! Anyway, we went to the ceremony, which was held in the SAC, and it’s very nice, although not as pictureseque as Palmer. I am quite jealous. The gym when I went to Montevallo was gross and smelly and the one time I went was totally inhabited by super intimidating male atheletes. We were the recipients of an act of kindness that night too. As I was tottering down the large hill (not so good in the heels) carrying a baby and a diaper bag, a UM police officer gave us a ride to the very front door! Very nice. Afterwards we went to a party at Vince & Jennifers and that was nice too. Many people who had not yet met Savannah. Savannah also recieved a gift that night. Jennifer crocheted her the cutest bear, which Savannah really seems to like. All in all, a good evening.


2 Responses to “Graduation Day”

  1. Karen Beth Says:

    Congrats to Vince! How neat that he timed it to be exactly 30 years after his Father’s graduation. What a treasure.

  2. projectmetta Says:

    YAY for acts of kindness!!! I love that! Also, Yay for Vince graduating!!! That is awesome!
    : )

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