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Up too late…and some Thursday Thanks September 21, 2007

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I am not sleeping, but I should be. I know Savannah will be up sooner rather than later, but my mind keeps turning and I can’t think of anything quiet to do but read or have some computer time, which is all the more valuable since I don’t get nearly as much as I used to. Anyway, we are back from the beach and had a great time. Savannah is amazingly good natured and adapts well to different situations. Apparently, she also LOVES Natalie and thinks she is really funny. Today she (Savannah,not Natalie) was taking two brave steps back and forth between me and Jay. She will be walking soon.
Some random thoughts-
if you want me to give you money 1. spell my name right. I can’t tell you how much this irritates me. 2. Send me the information in a language I read well. I might want to support your efforts, if I knew what they were. 3. If you are an organization I used to be affiliated with, don’t let your first correspondence be “please donate to our building/scholarship/general fund”. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Spend the 41 cents and find out what I’ve been up to first.
all the Lisas in my life share today as their birthday. Happy Birthday!
Now I am getting sleepy, so I will move onto the Thursday Thanks
I am thankful for…my amazing husband, my wonderful baby, sweet puppy girl, my awesome family, wonderful friends(especially my YCDI sisters!), beaches, backyards, falling leaves, wind on Savannah’s face and the fact that it makes her laugh, feeling safe in my house/neighborhood, making new friends, the internet and the ability to afford it, being able to stay home with my baby and the pretty new finish on the dining room floor!