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Happy First Birthday, Savannah! December 12, 2007

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We love you so much! We are so glad you decided to join us a year ago today! You have made our life so much more than it was before-and it was pretty great before. I want to tell you how amazing you are and how much fun it has been to watch you grow and change so much in one short year. We brought home a tiny, helpless little creature who has become this vibrant, brave, kind, happy, funny, smiling, adventourous, nurturing, super-intelligent and surprisingly social little person. You won’t remember, but I will, the time at 7 months you crawled over to a crying baby anson and patted him on the head as if to say “it will be okay” or the way you try to give Gerdie kisses or the brave first few steps you took between Jay and I and how proud you were of yourself(rightly so!). I’ll also remember how willing you were to try new foods, and meet new friends, how you love the wind on your face and the look of pure delight the first time you felt wind, how excited you are to see me first thing in the morning and the wonderful feeling of snuggling up to read together. Happy Birthday!


One Response to “Happy First Birthday, Savannah!”

  1. projectmetta Says:

    Happy Happy First Birthday, sweet little Savannah!

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