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New Year’s Resolutions 2008 December 23, 2007

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plan menus on Wednesdays
Meatless Mondays
do Flylady( this incorporates a lot of improvements I would like to make)
start book club
do a 10k
exercise daily
wake up earlier so I have some me time everyday
declutter everyday-start with 5 minutes
turn the office into a big-girl room for Savannah
get a new sofa and get rid of the futon! we’re both 30, it’s way past time!
have my FOO over for dinner monthly
get together with our old friends monthly
find a volunteer committment Savannah & I can do together.
blog at least twice a week.
finish knitting projects before starting another.
start Christmas preparations in September!
Thinking of doing Photo365. this is a maybe.
find a dance or music class for Savannah. enroll her.
get pregnant or lose 30 pounds
weekly date night w/ DH
weekly financial meeting w/ DH
send out a hand written note weekly
plan and plant a garden
try a new recipe weekly
bake weekly
sew weekly
check email only once a day


One Response to “New Year’s Resolutions 2008”

  1. Jody Says:

    Yay, I love your resolutions and have no doubt that you will accomplish many of them!

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