The Totally True Adventures of Motherhood in Suburbia

Thursday Thanks January 17, 2008

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Today I am thankful for:
hot coffee
christmas creamer-the last til next year
warm socks
a warm house to enjoy
my new sewing machine!
a husband who supports all my various hobbies 😉
sweet sound of Savannah talking to Puddles (her very favorite bear)
the internet and all the good it has brought into my life
time and space to do the things I love
my new roof! ahhh, warmth and safety!
libraries and librarians who know our names and interests
having family and friends nearby
my own washer and dryer


2 Responses to “Thursday Thanks”

  1. projectmetta Says:

    Yay for new sewing machine (and supportive husband!)!!!
    I’d love to hear Savannah talking to Puddles–how sweet!!!

  2. Which sewing machine did you end up getting?
    I will never forget the day I took my 1 year old nephew outside to play after the rain. He saw the puddles and instead of jumping in them as I expected….he instead got on his belly in front of the puddle and started drinking the puddle! hilarious and gross all at the same time.

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