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Week 2 of The Artist’s Way February 25, 2008

This was a very productive week for me! YAY! I did morning pages 5/7 days. Nothing profound. Lots of crazy dreams and affirmations and things I want to do. My artist date this week was at the fabric store by my in-laws house. Keeping in mind that I don’t need to be so cheap with my artist (this is something I have been guilty of in the past), I bought myself a good pair of scissors and pinking shears, and when I got to the register they were 50% off. How cool is that. I also spent the extra 40 cents and got the pins with the little ball on top, and am shocked by how much easier and more pleasurable it made pinning the pattern to the fabric. Makes me sad that I spent all those years using regular pins to save a few measly cents. Oh well, live and learn. Most of my creative action this week has been sewing and knitting. Those of you who do these, will know that sometimes it’s addictive. I am working on a dress for me, a dress for Savannah and another funny looking apron. and knitting that same damn baby sweater.
The tasks were really enjoyable this week as well. My favorite by far was Task # 2- List 20 things you enjoy doing and the last time you did them. I surpassed 20 by far and think I will keep this as a continual list ( I am a list-maker.) The only things that I listed so far and haven’t done in a while are
drawing with pastels (1995)
coffee with friends (11/07)
board games (12/07)
I will admit that some of the items I went ahead and did this week although it had been years since I’d done them, i.e., hiking, attending a lecture and taking a bath for the pure pleasure of it. The best thing about this particular task for me was realizing how honestly full of pleasure and enjoyment my life really is. I want to share that with my husband and daughter and make our home a shelter for their souls, where they can grow and enjoy themselves and feel safe. Some may disagree, but I feel homemaking is creative act too, so I guess I’ve been doing that too.
The other task that was especially useful was the Ten Tiny Changes. I listed clean out the pantry as one I’d like to make on Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening, out of the blue, DH suggests that we clean and reorganize the pantry. Ask and ye shall recieve.


Week 1 of The Artist’s Way February 19, 2008

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Week one went pretty well over all. Morning pages were done (except for two days of severe illness). I have already noticed a real difference in myself. My dreams are clearer and more easily remembered. They still don’t make much sense, but at least I am remembering them now. My artist date consisted of sitting in my backyard, knitting, enjoying the weather, the wind blowing through the trees and a lovely glass of hobo wine. It was quite nice. As someone else already mentioned, doing the exercises made me realize that I am my biggest critic. I am hoping the Artist’s Way will help me get to the bottom of this and get over it. I think I could do great things if I would let myself do them and share them.
Now that we’re all finally healthy, I look forward to next week being even more productive and exciting!


On morning pages… February 7, 2008

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I felt a really strong need to do them this morning,so I did with some help from Savannah- she has discovered that pens and pencils make marks if you move them across paper and that is the coolest thing in the world right now! I went and got her some beginner crayons and a floor pad, but she has not put that together yet, interested in taking the crayons out of the box and putting them back in. Once she figures out what they do, I’m sure she’ll be super impressed. But I digress.
Anyway, yesterday’s oprah & discussions of it, and my urge to write plus today’s horoscope
“February 07, 2008
Capricorn (12/22-1/19)
It’s vitally important for you to put your ideas down in writing today. Even if you don’t think you are skilled at creative writing, you will find the act of putting pen to paper (or typing) to be a great way to release your mental inhibitions. Once you start recording your ideas and thoughts, the flood will begin. This could lead to a wonderful awakening of your underutilized creativity. This, in turn, could lead you to make changes that lead you down fulfilling new pathways.”

So I am off to write more whilst Savannah naps! Maybe I will be clearer on actual paper, I apologize for the muddliness of this.


the first daffodil

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So I am going to join Projectmetta in having a happy/inspirational post of the week. I was washing something in the kitchen sink Sunday afternoon and looked out the window and something bright and cheery caught my eye. The first daffodil of the year. A happy reminder that life is determined to go on and to be happy and beautiful.


The Artist’s Way February 2, 2008

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Another friend’s page lifted and pasted here…
I know that MANY of you are wonderfully creative people. I’m sure that MANY of you are also familiar with The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I’m also sure that MANY of you – those who have read it or gone through or tried the program – know how good and beneficial it can be and is.

How many of you though – like me – have started it and flaked out?

Well, here is a chance for you to start again. I’ve just started a blog for anyone wanting to read the book, do the exercises and finally get through the 12-week program and unblock your creativity. I would LOVE for you all to join in if you’d like. We have people from Etsy, different creative blogs, MySpace, friends, and recommended creatives who might be able to contribute valuably.

So, if you are interested or inclined, check it out!

The Artist’s Way Blog

Hope to see you there!

I will be doing this and posting about it! Come join us!


A request…

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I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but I can’t. A very dear friend of mine came up with this and has asked to remain anonymous. So this is cut and pasted from her site…
I’ve been reading a book about positive energy, and although I’d love to write more about that book, it’s an idea that the book sparked in me that is the motivation behind this post.

While I was brushing my teeth tonight (getting ready for sleep), I was reflecting on what I had just read, something about prayer and meditation. One thing that I found interesting and in turn fueled my future train of thought (which I’ll get to in a sec), was that the book mentioned a study done on cardiac patients which found that those patients who had been prayed for “had a higher survival rate, required fewer antibiotics, and had fewer complications than the group not prayed for.” Interesting, no?

Which led me to a little idea, a request. I’m not requesting a prayer for myself, although it’s always welcome, but there are those who need waves of positive energy more than I do. They are everywhere. They are the sad, the lonely, the heartbroken, the angry, the hungry, etc. I thought, wouldn’t it be nifty if we could all pray/wish collectively for peace and love to surround and infuse every being? Not just a passing thought of a prayer, but something where you sit still, in silence, and really focus on your heart expanding, radiating love and compassion. (You can pray however feels right, whether you are saying a certain mantra, or reciting the rosary, or whatever, as long as it’s positive and full of love and right intentions, not discriminating where your prayers and wishes go [like not just to one group of people].)

My idea is simply this: get as many people as you can to dedicate at least two minutes to pray/wish/meditate this St. Valentine’s Day, February 14. (Or, at least five minutes, if you can spare it and stay focused–it doesn’t sound long, but it can feel like it if you’re not used to sitting still!) Why Feb. 14? Well, it’s coming soon, but not too soon, so you have plenty of time to request others to participate. Also, what better day is there that is already focused on love? : )

If you would like to join me in this, *please* post about it on your websites, blogs, etc., but please don’t link me, as I’d like to do this anonymously.

To recap:

What: day of collective prayer (or wishing, meditating)

When: 14th of February 2008 (maybe on the hour or half-hour/sunrise or sunset?)

Why: why not?

How: sit still, in silence, and really focus on your heart expanding, radiating love and compassion. (You can pray however feels right, whether you are saying a certain mantra, or reciting a rosary, or whatever, as long as it’s positive and full of love and right intentions, not discriminating where your prayers and wishes go [like not just to one group of people].)

Who: You and every positive person you can corral into doing this! (And I’ll be doing this, too!)

I probably haven’t written this up as well as I could have, but I do hope you’ll join me in this, and that you don’t think me strange or something! I know some people (esp. people with perhaps too much negative energy going on) will probably wonder “why do this on one day only?” or, “what’s the use?” The first question: well, this would be awesome if this could be done every day, but for some reason, my brain was saying, “Feb. 14 would be fab!” Plus, I’m hoping that there will be enough positive energy on that one day to equal and surpass what energy we could muster every single day for days on end. Does that make sense? I don’t know. In regards to the second question, that would be sad indeed if someone thought that. Hmm. I’m too pooped to even begin to tackle that one. I’m not going so far as to imagine that the world’s woes will cease to exist, or anything miraculous happening (that’d rock!), etc., but it’s the motivation, the intent, behind the hopefully collective prayers that is most vital. It’s not an experiment; it’s just a dream I have, and no, I won’t really know if others are doing this, but I’d like to think so…. Anyhoo, it goes without saying that naysayers, fatalists and pessimists will be prayed for, too. : )

Hope this finds you well, and thanks for reading this!

P.S. I’ll try to post reminders about this if any interest is shown