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The Artist’s Way February 2, 2008

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Another friend’s page lifted and pasted here…
I know that MANY of you are wonderfully creative people. I’m sure that MANY of you are also familiar with The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I’m also sure that MANY of you – those who have read it or gone through or tried the program – know how good and beneficial it can be and is.

How many of you though – like me – have started it and flaked out?

Well, here is a chance for you to start again. I’ve just started a blog for anyone wanting to read the book, do the exercises and finally get through the 12-week program and unblock your creativity. I would LOVE for you all to join in if you’d like. We have people from Etsy, different creative blogs, MySpace, friends, and recommended creatives who might be able to contribute valuably.

So, if you are interested or inclined, check it out!

The Artist’s Way Blog

Hope to see you there!

I will be doing this and posting about it! Come join us!


One Response to “The Artist’s Way”

  1. zazazu Says:

    Hooray! I’m so glad you are joining us, Hilary! I hope this journey will be a lot of what we all need. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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