The Totally True Adventures of Motherhood in Suburbia

A Fresh Start July 9, 2008

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in more ways than one…
First I want to tell you about Zazazu’s book giveaway

She’s always reading something interesting and inspirational, and is super generous. So check out the book giveaway!
Another beginning is taking place in my life right now, we’re going to have another baby in January! YAY!
Also, several new projects going on in our household right now, we’re turning the office into a big girl room (more of an undertaking than it sounds); I’ve been elected president of the local MOMS club and have a wonderful little toddler who’s running around discovering the world. It’s really fun to watch it with her fresh perspective and realize that airplanes actually are pretty amazing, there are little tiny flowers everywhere and most of them do have a smell and all the other super amazing things she does on a daily basis.
I’ll also try to make a fresh start on this blogging thing, and be a more regular and perhaps better blogger.


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