The Totally True Adventures of Motherhood in Suburbia

Week 2 of The Artist’s Way February 25, 2008

This was a very productive week for me! YAY! I did morning pages 5/7 days. Nothing profound. Lots of crazy dreams and affirmations and things I want to do. My artist date this week was at the fabric store by my in-laws house. Keeping in mind that I don’t need to be so cheap with my artist (this is something I have been guilty of in the past), I bought myself a good pair of scissors and pinking shears, and when I got to the register they were 50% off. How cool is that. I also spent the extra 40 cents and got the pins with the little ball on top, and am shocked by how much easier and more pleasurable it made pinning the pattern to the fabric. Makes me sad that I spent all those years using regular pins to save a few measly cents. Oh well, live and learn. Most of my creative action this week has been sewing and knitting. Those of you who do these, will know that sometimes it’s addictive. I am working on a dress for me, a dress for Savannah and another funny looking apron. and knitting that same damn baby sweater.
The tasks were really enjoyable this week as well. My favorite by far was Task # 2- List 20 things you enjoy doing and the last time you did them. I surpassed 20 by far and think I will keep this as a continual list ( I am a list-maker.) The only things that I listed so far and haven’t done in a while are
drawing with pastels (1995)
coffee with friends (11/07)
board games (12/07)
I will admit that some of the items I went ahead and did this week although it had been years since I’d done them, i.e., hiking, attending a lecture and taking a bath for the pure pleasure of it. The best thing about this particular task for me was realizing how honestly full of pleasure and enjoyment my life really is. I want to share that with my husband and daughter and make our home a shelter for their souls, where they can grow and enjoy themselves and feel safe. Some may disagree, but I feel homemaking is creative act too, so I guess I’ve been doing that too.
The other task that was especially useful was the Ten Tiny Changes. I listed clean out the pantry as one I’d like to make on Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening, out of the blue, DH suggests that we clean and reorganize the pantry. Ask and ye shall recieve.